FM20 | In Emilio Butragueño footsteps

FM20 | In Emilio Butragueño footsteps

November 30, 2019 2 By Ondrej Rensie

Choosing the right team is never easy. Especially when you are not sure how much time you will have to play. Will it be the same as in the past? Will I reach a far future? Or it will be only a few seasons?

I was not sure during the time between the end of my FM19 save and FM20 release. And I’m still not sure.

I even started to doubt myself for a while because I had too many nation & club suggestions that I almost thought I won’t be able to pick something.

My first idea was to play in Spain. It would be for the first time since CM4 when I played with RCD Mallorca and was managing someone like Ariel Ibagaza.

My first thought was to play with Las Palmas or Racing Santander in FM20. There were different reasons for these two clubs but maybe due to my one season with Athletic Club during the beta version, I decided against Spain.

I was changing my mind very often. I talked to FMGrasshopper who usually has some proper plan for the main save and I like his approach.

It continued and I thought about the save in Greece, Norway, Sweden, Albania, Hungaria… Sometimes, it looks like I joined the best of the best in terms of changing saves every week.

The public FM20 Beta version was already released when my thinking turned to a different place than in Europe. South America? It was great in FM19 but again? Why not.

I was searching with the hope I will find something interesting and I started to consider Mexico.

It’s funny that I found some good reading material about the league structure etc. (thanks to Vincent) just an evening before Diego Mendoza revealed his save in Mexico with Potros UAEM.

My first thought was “OK, let’s search again…”

Vincent and Tony were both helpful in the decision to start in Mexico despite someone another is playing here.

Sometimes it looks like there are only 10 or 15 clubs and all FM players select only these still again and again. But Diego Mendoza’s thinking about the FM save and his club’s selection are totally different so it’s such a big coincidence we chose the same nation and the same league despite we didn’t talk about it with each other.

I don’t know why but I wanted to go to some nation where none is. But even when I thought about other previous possibilities, the club from the Mexican 2nd tier was the most tempting from all.

The funny thing is I already started to make custom kits for one team in Scandinavia but I decided to play in Mexico but I was lucky both these teams have blue/white colours so I only changed club logos and slightly edited the colour shade and I was able to use the new sleeve design I created for the home kit.

Gentleman of the Pitch

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has several things to consider before the new save selection. One of them is the stadium for example. And the club I chose has a lovely stadium. At least in my eyes. 

The Estadio Miguel Alemán Valdés – the home of Celaya FC. My main club for the Football Manager 2020.

When I was searching something about the club, I found out (also within the FM database) that Real Madrid legendary strike Emilio Butragueño is the Celaya FC icon as he played for the club from 1995 to 1998 before he retired from professional football.

He spent three seasons in Mexico after 17-year-old Raúl took his place in the Real Madrid starting XI and Mr Butragueño didn’t want to end his career as he was only 32 years old in 1995 when he joined Celaya. He made 91 appearances, scored 29 goals and the club reached the Liga MX (top tier) final.

“…leaving such an impact that the club ultimately tried to rename their stadium after him, a request which was denied by the local government.”

His nickname “Gentleman of the Pitch” means he never received a single red card during his career.

El Buitre’ after his retirement

Emilio Butragueño went back to Real Madrid when he became director of football but he also acted as vice-president or head of public relations. This great striker, one of the best players during the 1980s.

Technically gifted. Driven. Cheeky. Audacious. Clever. Elegant. Unselfish team player = Emilio Butragueño, El Buitre.

I know I don’t want to play the save in the way “let’s find the new Emilio Butragueño” but I would like to build the squad of players who will have these characteristics.

Mr Emilio Butragueño is now ‘only’ Real Madrid Director in the game so he is not an active person or non-player. I thought to edit it and make him Director of Football in Celaya FC but I decided against it in the end. My aim will be to create a team with characteristics I mentioned above even without the presence of El Buitre. 

Did you know Emilio Butragueño had a computer game with his name released in 1988?

Strive to make progress on and off the pitch

Since the Football Manager 2020 received new features as Club Vision & Culture or 5 year plan, I’m sure most of the FM players writing about the game will include pictures from of the club vision in their posts.

I did the same when I wrote about the saves with Athletic Club and Augsburg during the Beta version. It’s a great addition to the game for many of us and I feel it added some new blood for many FMers. At least I feel it from what I read on social media or forums.

I took over the club with the 5th place media prediction finish in the first season of the 2nd tier in Mexico. Celaya FC is not the biggest club in terms of reputation nor finances.

From the historical point of view, the club is more established in the 2nd division with some bright memories from the top tier including the time with Emilio Butragueño and Hugo Sánchez in 1995/1996 when the club reached the league play-off final for the first in the history and was defeated by Necaxa in the final by the away goal rule.

The club went from the historical final to the extinction, several times, but they survived. Or revived a couple of times.

But back to the club vision and plans. The club board want to win promotion to the top tier in the 2020/2021 season. But it’s only “Favoured” importance so I think they will be happy and they will agree with me we can wait one more season.

I would like to reach the play-off in the first season. That means to finish in the top 7 in the Opening or Closing Stages.

The rules are perfect as you have a chance to be promoted only if you win “the big final” between the winners of Clausura and Apertura. 

My main aim is to enjoy the game. And if you followed my saves in the past you know I like to build the squad around the domestic players and also mainly around the players from the club academies.

And that will be a lovely challenge, not only in terms of my own club but also within the league overall. All clubs are addicted to loans. Even my own club has 8 players on loan currently before the first season. 

I declined the first transfer window before the save started, an only free transfer will be allowed.

Ascenso MX clubsNumber of loan players
Alebrijes de Oaxaca FC18 from 34
Club Atlético Zacatepec22 from 32
CF Cafetaleros de Chiapas5 from 22
Celaya FC8 from 34
Club de Fútbol Atlante9 from 35
Cimarrones de Sonora14 from 20
Correcaminos UAT5 from 23
Dorados de Sinaloa6 from 25
Leones Negros5 from 24
Loros de la Universidad de Colima9 from 24
Club Deportivo Mineros de Zacatecas13 from 19
Potros UAEM6 from 26 
CF Tampico Madero17 from 29
Venados Fútbol Club11 from 28

What’s the point of this? I would like to be less addicted to loan players. Not only in my club but in the league in overall. But it will need some time and newgens as well. That’s my own aim I will never receive or see in the club vision or club culture.

I mentioned I have 8 loan players in the club before the first season. After the first observation, I’m sure only three of them will be around the starting XI.

There are two more important thing to mention before the end of this post. The only one club culture requirement by the club board is “Sign Colombian players”.

We have three Colombian players in the squad and I decided I will make this as my advantage in terms of signing, develop and sell. I will scout young Colombian players and will sign them for our U20s squad.

Our beloved Vincent van Raam will help me with it as our scout. Feel free to join the “Project Vincent” ( © FMGrasshopper).

The second and the last thing is I want to sign the best possible players. I don’t want to be reliable only on young and our own players as in the past.

This “way” started immediately after the first day of the save when I found and signed Jonathan Fabbro for free. The 37-year-old veteran attacking midfielder with great set pieces.

EDIT: I started the save again as I found out this player is jailed in real life for sexual abuse for 14 years.

“Former Boca Juniors and River Plate star found guilty of at least five counts of “severely outrageous sexual abuse” against his niece and goddaughter between 2015 and 2017.”

I reported it to Sports Interactive as I think he should not be in the game. I wanted to edit it with the In-game editor but it was not possible. So I deleted him in the Pre-game editor and started again.

There are no players in the U20s team, same as there are not coaches or U20s manager. The training & youth facilities are adequate/below average.

The interesting time of building the club from the scratch has started.

Welcome to Mexico 🇲🇽

Don’t forget, you can join FMSlack via THIS link. My channel is #fmrensie but there are many other interesting channels to talk about FM.